Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh Canada! and other olympic thoughts

Tomorrow is USA vs. Canada for the men's hockey gold medal. The US beat Canada 5-3 in their first match in these olympics. While Im voting for the United States, I was surprised to see them beat Canada. If Canada loses tomorrow, I view that as crushing for Canada and Canadians. Shouldn't happen, but I hope it does. Any thoughts? Predictions?

These olympics have really tried to build up the 'rivalry' between the S. Korean and Japanese women figure skaters. Get real! It's not a rivalry until you hire a hitman to break your opponents legs (reference Nancy Kerrigan and Tanya Harding from the United States).

Also, good on you to the Canadian woman figure skater who won bronze (after the s. korean and japan skaters) just days after her mother passed away. Good for you! The olympics doesn't have to create a pretend rivalry, they should focus on this woman's triumph in the face of tragedy.

Another story line that I've really liked is Bode Miller. This is a guy who fucked off during the last olympics when he was expected to medal in several events and brought home dick (if he even had that after all the partying he did and sluts he probably fucked). After being written off and not being mentioned during these olympics, bode won a gold, a silver and a bronze. Comeback story of these olympics. Bode, NOW you can party!

I love the Russian skater (Plushenko) who lost to the American skater in the mens figure skating competition. The guy is still upset that he did the "quad" and lost to a guy who doesnt do jumps. Hes taking it a step further by insisting in interviews that he should have won the gold. His personal website even called his silver medal the "platinum" medal until he had to take it down due to the controversy it caused. What this guy really needs to do is take the loss like a man (to the extent a gay skater can), quit skating and look for roles in movies as the villain. With that lame haircut and that face that I'm not even sure his mother can love, he would be perfect.

Anybody watch the woman's 'Skeleton' competition? - looks like head first luge to me, but who knows what the difference is. Is a huge ass a requirement to participate in woman's skeleton? Im just sayin...

On another front, do you have to have no cock to be in men's cross country skiing? I mean, if you're cockless, perhaps avoid the skintight shiny spandex suit. These dumbasses are probably the same ones who would wear a speedo to the beach, then wonder what all the snickering is about. Goes back to a recurring theme - everything is not for everybody.

Lastly, why the fuck is curling an olympic sport? In fact, why the fuck is it even a sport? If you have to bring your mom's old school kitchen broom to the arena, its just not a sport. Enough said.

P.S. Shaun White is insane crazy talented. He also joins lil wayne on my list of guys who would never get laid if they weren't rich/famous.


  1. victory belongs to Canada!

  2. Is it wrong that I saw a guy on Sixth Ave wearing a Team Canada hockey jersey today and I wanted to tri him? Can I get a ruling, here?

  3. Russians accused Team Canada's hockey team of drug use -

  4. Yeah, we could've beaten Canada again and taken hockey gold, but it's considered poor Olympics form to make the host nation cry.

  5. Most happy for? Not having to look at Shaun White's hideously ugly mug for four more years, he's overrated.

  6. ^^ if I was I was to be a carrot top badass...I would want to look like Shaun White. He's pretty talent, he's not in a beauty pageant.

  7. That article on Russians accusing Canadians of drug use is bogus.

  8. Great olympics, sorry for the late comment I Just discovered your blog.