Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bobby Hull - Keeping it Old School

I know I've been mia for a little while. Work required me to do some travel where I wasn't able to write much. I am now back.

During this trip, I had the opportunity to see a hockey game where the Chicago Blackhawks were playing. I was sitting about twenty seats away from a box where Bobby Hull - the golden jet - a hockey legend was sitting. When the announcers acknowledged that Bobby Hull was in attendance, the whole crowd stood up and applauded for him. But as a result, everybody became aware of where he was sitting.

For the next three periods of hockey, I saw one of the most amazing things that I've ever seen in sports. The fans started passing Bobby their hats, jerseys, programs and any other thing that they could have him sign. Items were being tossed into the box from above, from below, from the sides, people were taking off their jerseys and passing them down entire lines of seats to the box. Bobby Hull signed every single item that was sent his way. I mean every single item. He signed his autograph on items for the ENTIRE game. I dont even know how many fans walked away that day with items signed by a hall of fame legend of a hockey player.

Why do I think this is worth writing about? Well, it renewed my admiration for the old school. Here is an old man who could have just sat in his box, enjoyed the game, politely declined the fans and most of them would have understood. He could have done what modern athletes tend to do, either refuse to sign or sign a couple of autographs and keep moving. But no! Bobby Hull is old school. The game and the fans were always good to Bobby Hull, and he was returning the favor in a way that only a grateful man could.

So for all the full of yourselves 'stars' (whether sports or otherwise) who think you're above the common folk and dont have the time for your fans. Dont forget that we made you! Learn a lesson from the great Bobby Hull. I'm a part time hockey fan generally, but after that performance, I am a full time Bobby Hull fan.

Let's bring back the old school.


  1. Bobby Hull is a legend.

  2. Did you have him autographed anything?

  3. Crazy, I was there. Great blog man.