Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dallas Mavericks! Plus...

I'm fighting the urge to say I TOLD YOU SO! regarding the mavs in 6 over the heat. Obviously Im not fighting it too well. All I can say is, couldnt have happened to a better opponent. And Lebron's comments on the way out just confirmed he's a loser. Better than Michael Jordan???? Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

I didnt write much about the NHL finals because I didnt really have a favorite between Vancouver and Boston. But way to fuck it up Vancouver!

Whats with all these cities that give you traffic tickets using video cameras? I havent gotten one yet, but know many people who have. I think its bs. Law enforcement should have to actually stop you and ticket you personally for it to count. Thats only fair. Also, I've seen far too many people floor it to clear the intersection before the light turns red so they DONT get a ticket. This actually creates more danger than if someone didnt have to worry about the stupid video tickets and just went through a yellow calmly.

Comcast still sucks. Did anyone take advantage of that feedback provided by Comcast to my previous Comcast sucks dick blog and did Comcast actually do anything to keep your business? Just curious.

Summer is finally here! Beaches, bikinis, tan lines (or lack thereof). Enough said!

Whats with the guys wearing the huge FAKE earrings. Since you're not really fooling anyone with your fake 18 carat kevin garnett wanna be earrings, whats the fucking point?...Am I the only one who finds that to be stupid.

Boxing on HBO tonight! (google talk via chat works again!)
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Has Scottie Pippen lost his goddamn mind?

I'll start by saying, I love scottie pippen. As a fan of the Michael Jordan led Bulls, I always loved Scottie's abilities, defensive presence and Jordan's deputy status. Of course, I knew who that MJ was the greatest, on that team, and overall.

So when Scottie spouted off about Michael may be the greatest scorer of all time, but that Lebron may end up being the best all around player of all time, I was disgusted. Scottie should know better. He saw superman up close and personal. He saw that Jordan's skill, drive, competitive spirit etc. is second to none. Jordan was a monster on offense and a monster on defense. He took entire teams of bums (jud buechler? wilt perdue? pete myers? i could go on and on) and made them champions.

Lebron is nowhere close. He hasnt made his teammates better, in cleveland or in miami. Hes not a monster on defense. And he couldnt win where he was, he had to leave cleveland and join a team with better players for a shot to win. So Scottie and all others, shut the fuck up with the Lebron is or could be better than Jordan. Him trying to join a franchise that is trying to 'buy' a championship puts a full stop on any discussions about his greatness, now or in the future.

Then, along comes Kareem to educate Scottie about how MJ is not the greatest scorer. He believes that honor belongs to fossils like Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain. Fucking seriously? Those tall fossils played against a bunch of little boys and sat under the basket and threw the ball into Bozo's bucket number 1. Get a life Kareem.

All that being said, MAVS in 6 over the Heat. Get some!