Saturday, February 6, 2010

You're either an activist..or you're an inactivist

As a follow up to a few sentences regarding the humane society in one of my prior blogs, I saw the documentary "The Cove" yesterday. Someone recommended it to me after reading my comments about the humane society and about people being desensitized to seeing disfigured, gruesome images of animals and being asked for money. The title of this blog comes from the documentary and I really like the quote. It is a documentary regarding the Japanese town of Taishi and the dolphin 'fishing' industry that it houses.

While The Cove didn't turn me into an animal rights activists (I continue to think human rights should take precedence and am amazed at how much people care about their animals, but how little people care about other people), it was an eye opening documentary that the filmmakers went to great lengths to make. I recommend that anyone who has the time to see it do so. I'd also be interested in comments from those who have already seen it or will make the effort to see it now.

P.S. Even with the possibility of Dwight being out of action for the Colts tomorrow, I am confirming my view of a Colts win in the Super Bowl.


  1. Animal cruelty is deplorable but there are a lot more urgent issues in the world to be dealt with like human trafficking and child prostitution... What happens when the saints go marching in? they win.

  2. What is in the middle of activist and in-activist? that would be me.