Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blog Chat/Webcams

Thanks to all the blog readers for their comments, emails etc. 

I was excited about the gtalk feature built into the blog, which allows the readers to message me and vice versa if the light is green.  A few of you have tried, but signed off before I can reply.  If you message me via that feature, wait a few minutes so I can reply.  I think it's an interesting way of connecting real time with blog readers and I'd like to make it work.

A friend and I were having a conversation today about webcams.  She is of the view that the 'webcam era' has come and gone and no one uses webcams anymore (for g rated to x rated purposes).  I disagree.  I think the 'webcam era' is in full effect and it is one of the best technological innovations.  It does everything from bring families together around the globe, to allowing a spouse to talk with their significant other in Iraq or Afghanistan, to allowing exhibitionists to share the lords blessings and voyeurs to enjoy them. 

I believe in an America where the webcam is still relevant!  Your thoughts - Webcam era in full effect! or Webcams are passe like skorts (thank god!!!)?

What are your thoughts on webcams?


  1. My name is Michelle and I voted.

  2. People who don't use webcams are bores with no creativity. Loosen up and contact me for one on one lessons.

  3. Computer cameras are old.

  4. ^ shut up retard they are called webcams.

  5. The problem is there is no influx of new hi tech webcams, their usage has remained the same.

  6. Girls don't be shy, y'all know you get your freak on in front of webcams.