Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Freaking Vikes!

Ok, that sucked. I went 1/2 this weekend. Colts won, and I got royally fkd by the Vikings with no lube. Colts made me money, Vikes lost me more. Dont ever gamble! Speaking of which, if you're going to gamble, dont lose money on the Jets because you think Sanchez is cute (im looking at you dolly)

The reader who made the comment "fuck the Vikings", you were so right. I've seen the error of my ways and Im with you! They pissed that game down their leg and favre didnt play like the pimp he is. I wont bore you with my armchair qb recap of all the stupid pee wee league football errors the Vikes made (12 men on the field. REALLY??? is this the fucking nfl?) and won't whine about crappy calls. I will say that Im disappointed that the favre/vikes story didn't end with the super bowl win. The clock definitely struck midnight.

Which leads us to the Superbowl. Colts vs Saints. No brainer. Dont get emotional with this one. If you're going to get emotional, keep your money in your pocket.

Speaking of getting emotional, I saw a girl with a seahawks logo tattooed on her shoulder. Fucking why? I wont get into it now..but whats with all the lame tattoos in lame locations? Its an epidemic. More on tats and pierces later.


  1. I'm still trying to get over Sanchez losing : (

  2. I understand now after reading your blog wny Bunny and the girls are fascinated by you... Bunny when did you become a football fan?