Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fuck life...keep writing

The title of the blog comes from my muse for the day. This was my muse for the day's response to my excuse for not writing as often as I (and perhaps others?) would like i.e. I always hope to write more often, but unfortunately life often gets in the way of me being able to put my words in the ether as much as I would like. So welcome to - fuck life...keep writing.

First, an administrative item - I am now the 'blogologist'.

Next, I promised myself that I would wait on this until I did a full blog on tats and pierces, but this really cant wait anymore. If you have a belly button pierce, but noone can see it unless you're arching your back into a damn near back bend position - do one of three things (1) take it out, (2) get to the gym and work the abs like it was your full time job or (3) dont mention your piercing, so guys (or girls) are not like, "you do? where? I dont see it". If it cant be seen unless you're in a backbend position, its probably a good sign you shouldnt be talking about it.

What is it with the humane society ads? It used to be that those ads of injured, mistreated, disfigured animals etc used to move people, used to grab peoples attention and make them want to take action, show concern etc. But with the overuse of gruesome, twisted pictures, all it has done is desensitize most people to where its not a big deal anymore. People just change the channel and move on with their lives. Shock value has to have value. When it loses value, its just shocking and nothing more. The Humane Society and other similar organizations need to hire a PR agency and retool their approach.

On a related note, stop cruelty to humans! I fail to understand how the same people who are so concerned about what happens to animals, could care less about what human beings do to one another. Humans are injuring, maiming, killing each other at an alarming rate while the 'catlady' I work with has pictures of her 7 cats all over the office, gives them names, has their pictures and a dedicated site for her cats online, understands how her cats are 'feeling' every day (crazy! I know) and yet is an absolute asshole to every human being that has to deal with her a daily basis. Unfortunately, I'm one of those human beings. I am positive her cats cant stand her either, they just dont have the ability to tell her to fuck off like I do.

I voted for obama. I continue to believe he was and is the best choice for the country. I was disappointed in the State of the Union address. and I'm afraid he's losing support on all fronts. Unfortunately, he will not get the benefit of the tremendous amounts of patience that was given to Dubya. I'm still hoping for change we can believe in.

How many people think Conan O'B got screwed over by NBC/Leno? I saw jay on oprah trying to rehab his image. I think he failed miserably in trying to do so. He definitely came across to me as a self absorbed prick and thats in spite of the fact that Oprah may as well have been on her knees sucking him off - that was the lengths she was going to to try to help him out. Conan's last show was definitely a graceful exit.

Is the John Edwards story a Jerry Springer 8 hour special in the making or what? Well done John, I didnt know you had it in you mate. Somewhere, Tiger Woods is thanking his lucky stars that you came along when you did.

Lastly, super bowl. I've been asked for my prediction - Colts. I dont think it will be close. Im putting my money where my mouth is. Simply put, Manning is too good and the Colts are hitting on all cylinders. As an aside, which genius thought it was a good idea to put the Pro Bowl BEFORE the super bowl?

Until next time, fuck life - keep writing!


  1. I have always considered belly pierces trashy. Fuck life and keep writing blogogist and thanks for making me the day's muse woot woot.

  2. Jay Leno pleading for the audience's sympathy on Oprah was pathetic. We all know failing is failing.Edwards is being dragged through the mud for something many average men do.

  3. Conan got screwed big time. Shamne on NBC.