Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Resolutions Part II

I've had some time to think further about my resolutions for 2011. I was also inspired by many of the thoughts and comments that others contributed to the prior post. Given that we're a few hours away from the New Year, here are my remaining resolutions -

1. I will continue to preach the gospel regarding the magic of brazilian waxes. I will also try bang a brazilian who has a brazilian wax, just to cross that one off my bucket list.

2. I will sleep more

3. The United States is in the minority of countries where people are not at least bilingual. To do my part to change that, I will try to become conversational in a second language this year.

4. During these economic times, charitable organizations are more necessary and needed than ever, but also have less funding due to donations drying up. I will be more charitable to worthwhile causes in 2011 than I was in 2010.

5. I will be more environmentally conscious in 2011, starting with my 'no latex' pledge.

P.S. Everyone please party safely tonight. Dont drink and drive. Dont drive and text. DO drive while getting head, but NOT while you're drunk. See you in 2011.

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