Sunday, July 18, 2010


Why are women still lying about their number of sexual partners in 2010?

Why is heavyweight boxing absolute garbage to the point where the lame Klitschko brothers hold belts?

Why is BP fucking up the entire Gulf with no real consequences?  The environmental disaster caused is going to impact generations to come. 

Why are we missing lil wayne so much while he does his time?

Why is Fidel Castro back on the scene?

Why cant we repeal the second amendment and save thousands of innocents?

Why did Holland give away the World Cup?

Why cant baseball have more Carlos Zambranos so people care to watch it?

Why am I rooting against the 'lets buy a championship' Heat the same way I do against the Yankees?

Why isnt everyone loving the chat in email google feature as much as I do?

Why arent all women doing their breast exams?

Why is pancreatic cancer the most deadly form of cancer and has the least funding?

Why are vuvuzelas going to take over all sporting events?

Why cant they legalize marijuana and make cigarettes illegal?  Seems like a fair trade.

Why am I an insomniac?

Why did half the Utah Jazz roster sign with the bulls?

Why does Dos Equis have the coolest commercials on tv with 'the most interesting man in the world'?

Why am I glad Oprah is retiring?

Why wear granny panties with white pants?  Thats all kinds of wrong.

Why is 'thick' slowly becoming just plain old 'fat'?

Why are there lurkers checking out packages in gym locker rooms?

Why in the world do people move from California?  Especially SoCal.

Lastly, why are we particularly loving the bikinis, tans and tan lines this summer? 


  1. Marijuana is a plant, not a drug, in weed we trust, legalize weed.

  2. Vuvuzelas in the sacred quiet of a golf coarse, that I want to witness.

  3. The question here is why are women still wearing granny panties?

  4. I can solve the breast exam problem, I will personally offer free breast exams.

  5. I view this past world cup as the worst in modern times. to keep it brief, the ball is trash, the fields were terrible, the ref's were awful, the vuvuzela's irritating, attendance was low, alexi lalas is a joke who really should go back to playing in a band (i heard he had some talent there), and my team, ENGLAND, were not a team but rather a collection of overpaid, spoilt superstars who should all be dropped.

  6. @ Rob, you're spot on with Lalas!!!

  7. I have a why question. Why would someone lock your blog?

  8. Women lie about the number of partners they have had because they want to fit the mould of ideal woman that men have constructed. Her legs are closed.

  9. Closed legs is not my ideal Laney.

  10. 'Thick' is a dangerous gray zone. I like to keep it simple skinny, athletic or curvy. Prefer my women Skinny

  11. Loving my tan lines, I feel so sexy...

  12. People move from SoCal to get a life