Thursday, July 8, 2010


Today, I had to fire someone. I had been avoiding it for a year. I told him numerous times to not put me in a position where Id have to do something we would both not be happy with. He just couldnt help himself. He refused to address the performance issues that numerous people highlighted. What sucks is that im out of town on a project and had to fire him by phone. He cried. Not cool.

On a separate note, IT remotely accessed my computer because it keeps crashing. Mr. IT, after recommending stupid things like rebooting and not keeping so many screens open (what are you the fucking screen police? or IT?), he proceeds to tell me that my computer is "all ready to go." After spending an hour on the phone with this idiot, listening to his stupid suggestions, and then being told its fixed, the computer crashed the second I began to use it. I am convinced my company has the worst tech support on the planet.

In other news, Lindsey Lohan is going to jail. Good! Talk about long overdue.

I'm told that my blog doesn't exist online anymore. I see it, but others dont. I guess I'm talking to an audience of one.

Whats with the girls who stop giving head the second you start cumming? Finish your job!

Apple is the greatest company in the world and Steve Jobs is a genius.

Today one of my colleagues went into a detailed discussion about their dental history and veneers. I mean...seriously? I couldnt even fake caring like I usually do. I was so bored I wanted to impale myself.

I wont consider this blog to have 'arrived' until we have a regular tranny reader and contributor. Is that too much to ask?

There's alot of Asians. I dont mean just in China. Anywhere in the world you go, there are a hell of a lot of asians. I dont think the hispanics should celebrate being on their way to having greater numbers than the caucasians quite yet, the chinese are going to blow everyone away.

Id like to slap my neighbor. Its a woman.

Germany is out of the world cup. Fuck em!

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