Sunday, July 4, 2010

Football Final Four & Fleshlights

What is going on in the World Cup? My teams (Brazil and Argentina) are out. Not only are they out, they both got whipped in their final games. A final four of Germany, Spain, Uruguay and Netherlands? Who would have predicted those four. While I will miss the attention (positive and negative) that Diego Maradona brought to the world cup and am extremely disappointed that Lionel Messi did not shine in the Cup like I thought he would, I am going with Uruguay for the Cup. They are the longest shot left, but why the hell not given the upsets that have already happened. I note that I think the Germans are playing fantastic team soccer, but I want the dark horse (uruguay) to take it. Who is your pick to win it?

Anyone know what the fleshlight is? If you dont, google it. I'm a little upset because I am actually the inventor of an earlier, more basic version of the fleshlight, but didnt have the presence of mind to patent it at the time. My version was simple, readily available and inexpensive - it was a snapple bottle. It was truly 'the best stuff on earth.' For a long time my snapple fleshlight was old reliable, until the day I realized I had outgrown it. At first I panicked, but once I calmed down, I let the rush of blood to the 'head' die down, extracted my tool and retired the snapple fleshlight. And now, these fn assholes from 'fleshlight' are profiting from my idea. And guys, dont judge me, I know all of you have stuck your organ in all sorts of holes that you'd never tell your women/woman about.

P.S. I hate 'friends' who disappear when they have some cock/pussy in their life and come running back when it doesnt work out.

P.P.S. I received a picture from a blog reader who wanted me to post it and have the readers vote on whether she should 'reup' her implants. Once I figure out how to not only post the picture, but also to have a 'vote' I will put the picture up. Thanks for the emails, I read, appreciate and reply to all of them.

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  1. This blog entry is factually incorrect.
    First, get serious Uruguay is not going anywhere let alone winning the world cup. Germany all the way.
    Secondly, you need a reality check.
    Third, we don't need to see a botched up boob job, so yeah keep the picture to yourself, thanks!