Saturday, April 3, 2010

Final Four

I have been wrong about everything so far, but here goes - Butler over Mich St and, as mentioned before, FUCK DUKE! Go Mountaineers! I wanted to get this out there before the games start, will write in greater detail some time this weekend.

UPDATE - Butler wins over Michigan State. Great game. One down, One to go. Go West Virginia. For sports fans, after the Duke game is going to be the boxing match Bernard Hopkins vs. Roy Jones Jr. If Roy loses, which most people are saying he will, it will more than likely be the end of a Hall of Fame boxing career for him. Worth paying for pay per view? No. Worth going over to a bar or your friend's house who is getting the fight, a definite yes. Roy Jones Jr. fighting for his career.

UPDATE 2 - Fucking Duke. Won again. This is absolutely killing me. GO BUTLER!


  1. Duke wins it all.

  2. Roy hang the gloves up! We are gonna always appreciate what you accomplished in boxing! Now its time to go back to being a hbo commentator and getting under Larry Merchants skin! Hopefully you will realize this and be there for May/Mosley

  3. Great Game Saturday!! Was so sad to see Da'Sean Butler injured. What a powerful sight to see how Coach Huggins comforted him. I am from Cincinnati and was so sorry to see Hugs go.I am glad to see him doing so well with the Mountaineers!They deserve him much more than Cincinnati. Good luck Hugs and Congratulations on a great year guys!!! Will be praying for you Da'Sean!!

  4. Did I just pay to watch that lame fight?