Thursday, December 31, 2009

It comes from my soul...

When I thought about starting this blog, I asked my gf one the blogging world ready for me? While I dont really remember her answer because we were in the midst of an argument about her being a fn asshole, I've decided to take the plunge because I need an outlet for my soul. My soul - thats where this will all come from.

Here's what you can expect when I can get the login and password from the gf and actually sign on and write (and if she doesnt change my password and jack my blog like she did to my facebook and gmail account) - You'll get an unedited, unscripted, uncensored, stream of consciousness that will make you say "is this guy for fucking real?", "did he just say that?", "is that even legal?" or "is that even possible?" or sometimes, "he's full of shit!"

Topics I will cover in future posts will include, but not be limited to, fashion from a straight man's viewpoint, sports, trannys, masturbation, work, sex, family, random thoughts on people - famous, infamous, and wanna bes, implants, porn, online crap, slutwhores, the concept of whore ignore, one night stands, why pussy maintenance is critical, boxing (pacquiao will spank mayweather like rented ass - bet on it!), movies, drinks, how many illegal drugs my gf was using the night I met her, music and more generally, mi vida loca.With that I begin this journey of sharing my soul...and maybe some of my gf's naked pictures.


  1. Interesting blog, I will frequent to read more from your soul.