Thursday, December 31, 2009

5 inch heels

are not for everybody! This is the public service announcement that somebody had to make, looks like it will have to be me. If I see one more female trying to do something thats not meant for her, teetering around on 5 inch heels like a circus clown on stilts, I am going to have to personally tell her to cut it out, take them off on the spot, and walk home barefoot. 5 inch heels are sexy, true. They definitely have an "id like to fuck her with just those heels on" element to them, true. Every female should own a pair, NOT TRUE! So for those females who should NOT be wearing 5 inch heels, and you know who you are (and if you dont know, someone who loves you should tell you immediately!), save those for your bf in the comfort of your own bedroom so the rest of us don't have to suffer. For those women who SHOULD be wearing 5s, , continue as you were please. And lastly, 6s are the new 5s. For those superstars - you know who are - rock the 6s. But only do the 5s, 5.5s and especially the 6s if you are up to the task. Midgets dont play in the nba, Rupaul doesnt like pussy, Good girls dont spit, Chinese men dont do porn...i.e. Everything is not for everybody. P.S. And if you're going to wear the 5-6 inch heels, don't cry about your bunions like a little bitch (I'm looking at you Posh Spice!)