Saturday, July 28, 2012

Obama 2012

Obama will be reelected.  While I voted for him in the last election because his message resonated with me, this time he will win for a much simpler reason.  The republicans are dumbasses.  It's really that simple. 

In back to back elections, the republicans have been unable to find someone to run against Obama who has a prayer.  Last election, McCain had a slight chance, so they added Sarah 'ditz' Palin to the ticket to ensure defeat.  This time, they nominate the most boring man alive, MITT ROMNEY to run against Obama.

While Obama is exposed because of, among other things, the economy, people's disappointment in the 'change' that was promised etc, he will win this election easily.

Now if we could only get that change that was promised to us. 


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  2. Absolutely not going to win and the reason is simple; The deep red states in the South. I mean this is a guy who disses homemade cookies, disconnected much?