Monday, October 10, 2011


1.  Why is zsa zsa gabor being hospitalized every week newsworthy?  I mean it is literally a weekly occurrence so Im really not sure I need to hear about the zsa zsa hospitalization of the week.  She's been irrelevant for years.  Actually, she was never relevant.

2.  Why did we have to lose Steve Jobs?  Steve was a genius and we lost him much too soon.  Pancreatic cancer is the deadliest cancer and has the LEAST amount of research funding.  Sad.

3.  Why did Ashton Kutcher go marry someone older than his mother if he was just going to hookup with two girls.  Dumbass! (i mean for marrying someone twice his mothers age).

4.  Why was Justin Timberlake so awesome in Social Network, even thought he sucks at, and in, everything else. 

5.  Why is Casey Anthony not responding to my requests for an interview?

6.  Why do women think men want a finger in their asshole while theyre being sucked off?  Who are the fucking guys who are making women believe that shit is okay?  Keep the fingers OUT of the asshole (at least mine).  Thanks.

7.  Why has Tiger Woods gone through the greatest fall from grace in sports history?  Good lord man, Karma is really fucking you in the ass.  Big change from you fucking porn stars in the ass.

8.  Why is Floyd Mayweather still avoiding fighting Manny Pacquiao?  Your legacy will never be complete son!

9.  Why has my one tranny blog reader disappeared?  For that matter, where have all the trannys gone?

10.  Why is obama lucky enough that the stupid republicans cant even present one candidate who is not an idiot to challenge him?  Obama 2012! - chat via blog function works! 

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