Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Let me read you my Wikipedia entry...

He used to be a player, fly girl layer and a love maker, heart breaker..lol
RIP Keith Elam, you were a star!

Casey Anthony aka OJ Simpson got off for murder. Maybe OJ and Casey can now date (or is OJ still in jail). Not to get off topic, but what sort of dumbass gets off for murder, then gets thrown in for some dumb shit. Yes, that would be OJ. I think the entire prosecution team for the Casey Anthony case should be disbarred. Seriously, you can't get a fucking conviction against her? Reminds me of fucking Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden. And the jurors - What's wrong with you tards? Did the law change? Can you no longer convict on circumstantial evidence? Fn morons.

Getting fingerbanged by someone with dirty nails is unhealthy. Yes, you can call me C Everett Koop

US womens soccer team gave away the World Cup. Congrats to Japan, they needed some good news. I hate this time of year, baseball isnt even a real sport and theres nothing else going on in the sports world.


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  1. I guess you'll finishing reading your stack of books and barbecue more.