Friday, April 8, 2011

May Day May Day

Random Thoughts - I'm feeling the red heels with the jeans look. Are the Jets turning into the Raiders due to all the issues theyre having? Favre's retirement - I was hoping for better on and off the football field. Although I hate em, the Patriots look like the best team in football right now. If they continue to play that way, theyre going to be tough to beat. I should be banned from having a twitter account - every time i get inspired to use it, I fuck it up. Obama's core team has left the White House to begin Obama '12 campaign. Can he pull it off again? Did banning smoking from virtually everywhere lead to people quitting or do they just smoke alot at home now? I dont mind a little smoking, but whats with the jagoffs who throw their cigarettes out of their cars? Why not just legalize cannabis, and not just for medicinal purposes? Johnny Weir (men's figure skater) announces he's gay - was anyone really wondering about that? It's kind of like when Rosie O' Donnell announced shes gay. Did that really require an announcement? I'm loving my Kindle - good call by Santa. Anyone trade stocks - any good stock tips? Switzerland doesnt use Euros - annoying. Hungary has the EU presidency currently - wtf? Hungary? hmmm. Doesn't anyone dance (versus dry hump) anymore? Whatever happened to just dancing? Who are the assholes who pee all over every public toilet seat I end up needing to use? Is that really fn necessary? And if you cant hit a fn foot wide space with your pee stream, how about just cleaning up your own fucking pee. What happened to the hoopla over global warming? Have we resigned ourselves to an environmental disaster? Paging Al Gore! The moon follows me wherever I go. Anyone intentionally looked at the eclipse when you were younger because youre told not to? What happened? Did you go blind?

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