Monday, October 11, 2010

He may be a packer, but hes certainly not packing!

Ok, so I became a big (although im not sure the words big and brett can ever go together again) Brett Favre fan when he joined the vikings.  I don't really care for the vikings but couldnt vote for favre until he was on some team other than the packers.  As you might remember from my blogs last year, I was hoping that Brett would win the super bowl.  Would have made for a great story.

Fast forward a year later and Brett has gotten himself into a pickle (pun intended). Seems Brett was leaving voice messages, text messages and sending pictures of his tool to a couple of Jet employees.  The thing is, did Brett the disservice of putting Brett's tool online.  And let's just say, he might be a packer, but he is DEFINITELY not packing. 

Here's what I don't understand, if you're Brett Favre and you want to bang some Jets employees, why wouldnt you wait till you get the into the sack to unleash little Brett on them.  Why text pictures of it to the women you're wanting to shag when you know that MOST women will realize, when they see little brett, that your only big gun is your right arm?

Go Vikings!


  1. An NFL team that hires women (hot women) to massage their players is participating in something that woiuld normally be charged as pimping. My stand on this 'pickle' Favre got himself in is let's leave the man alone.

  2. The NFL has a real penis problem. In this case specifically, the size.

  3. I always thought he was a decent guy so this was a big surprise to me. Whops! I mean small surprise