Monday, June 21, 2010

Gaga for Gaga?

Lady Gaga sucks. Seriously.

It's not her shit music I despise as much as it is her insulting our intelligence. The reality is "Lady Gaga" has all been done before. It was called "Madonna"

Let me state it clearly - Lady Gaga is actually a Madonna clone, with music that sucks far more than Madonna's did (and hers sucked too). What I found appalling is that not only is Gaga garbage, but she is actually making money for following the Madonna playbook. Wild outfits, provocation, use of religious imagery, friend of the gay community/bisexuality, over the top stage shows, in your face sexuality and shit music - all that and more previously done by Madonna. Only one could actually give Madonna some points for originality.

An open message to Gaga - just put out your shit music without the Madonna act. Kill us with your shit music, but your "wild, outrageous, provocative, controversial" act is insulting to anyone who has ever heard of Madonna.


  1. if I was gagged and raped and left for dead.... and I had a fairy godmother who granted my wish to get away with killing one person... i would pick Gaga

  2. WOW so gald I'm not the only one who can't stand that pornograghic trash! :)

  3. Haters! she is the only woman in ten years to get 5 number one singles of a DEBUT ALBUM... Haters !

  4. Her music is commercialized bullshit. the image is nothing short of a ripoff cross between marilyn manson, (and YES) madonna, and countless others constructed by her and some record company execs. the 'rebel' image she portrays is an insult to REAL artists who have contributed to music. And the fact that her 'act' is being forcefed to people on tv and radio is an insult to the intelligence of people who like real music. I like this blog.

  5. I'm tired of hearing people comparing two female artist, Madonna and Lady Gaga are two different artist. Both great in their own accord. Gaga is not mimicking Madonna.

  6. Why promote hate towards an artist? Smh

  7. A few thoughts:

    1. While I think Madonna is godawful, she has had an actual career because her nonsense was at least original and she did actually have some talent. Gaga has no talent, her clock is ticking, her five minutes will be over soon and she'll disappear like Vanilla Ice. I said it!

    2. No less an authority than Jerry Seinfeld says she sucks lol -

    3. I'm not promoting 'hate' towards her, Im just noting her very obvious unoriginality and calling it offensive.

    4. I suppose if some feminine, very borderline gay/straight, 5 ft 2 male wearing high heels and lavender (it's not purple!) came out singing in a woman's voice and said "call me *", we'd all pretend prince never existed?

    5. I officially declare the Lady Gaga career deathwatch on.

  8. Gaga is one bad romance

  9. When people take the time to write about how much they hate you, it is only because you have made it. More power to lady gaga.